• Xuanzang Temple

    Xuanzang Temple

    From the sun moon village continue to go west along the lake road, about 4.8 kilometers to the Xuanzang Temple.

    Distance 1.5 Km,Driving time 4 Minute
  • Tze En Tower

    Tze En Tower

    It was built 1971 April, at an altitude of 954 meters at Shaba Lan Shan (Erlongshan), it was built for the first president Chiang Kai-shek in gratitude to his mother Ms. Wang Tai.

    Distance 7.8 Km,Driving time 15 Minute
  • Wen Wu Temple

    Wen Wu Temple

    Wen Wu Temple was built in 1932, it is one of the attractions surrounding Sun Moon Lake, Sun Moon Lake is located in the mid waist of northern mountain, it is known for the worship of Confucius and Guan Gong.

    Distance 6.0 Km,Driving time 12 Minute
  • Xuan Guang Temple

    Xuan Guang Temple

    Xuan Guang Temple and Xuan Zang Temple is about 2.5km away, it was build in 1955.

    Distance 6.7 Km,Driving time 14 Minute
  • Xiangshan Visitor Center

    Xiangshan Visitor Center

    The Tourism Bureau held an event of "Landscape Series" program in 2003, using Sun Moon Lake area along with the mountain scenic and won the competition.

    Distance 12.4 Km,Driving time 24 Minute
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is located in Nantou County Yu Chi Township Da Lin village, an area of about 62 hectares, close to the famous Sun Moon Lake.

    Distance 9.4 Km,Driving time 19 Minute
  • La Lu Island

    La Lu Island

    La Lu Island, also known as Guanghua Island, located in the center of the Sun Moon Lake, the former Thao ancestral spirit shrine, after 921 earthquake, caused severe damage to the island of La Lu, the local Government support to develop reconstruction, making integration into the Thao culture and art reintroduce its former elegance.

    Distance 6.8 Km,Driving time 14 Minute