Tze En Tower

Distance 7.8 Km,Driving time 15 Minute

It was built 1971 April, at an altitude of 954 meters at Shaba Lan Shan (Erlongshan), it was built for the first president Chiang Kai-shek in gratitude to his mother Ms. Wang Tai. Tze En Tower height of about 46 meters, when the tower was built, all the building materials are shipped through the Moon Lake, and then transport into up to the mountain, the process is very difficult.

Tze En Tower cap is at altitude of 1000 meters, from the top to the direction of Lalu Island, Xuanzang Temple are on the same axis, this line is also known as "happy connections", the terrain is like a Dragon drinking water from the lake, Lalu Island as if the source of water, Xuan Guang Temple as if the Dragon head, hence the Tse En Tower as if the heart of the dragon, it's a very depicting scenery.
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