La Lu Island

Distance 6.8 Km,Driving time 14 Minute

La Lu Island, also known as Guanghua Island, located in the center of the Sun Moon Lake, the former Thao ancestral spirit shrine, after 921 earthquake,  caused severe damage to the island of La Lu, the local Government support to develop reconstruction, making integration into the Thao culture and art reintroduce its former elegance.
Sun Moon Lake was know to be different name from different times and background: the Japanese called "Jade Island"; The Fujian people of Han called "Bead Mountain"; In the late Qing Dynasty foreigners known as the "Pearl Island"; Qing literature"Pearl Island ","Pearl Mountain","Bead Mountain", and so on, all known as the island is by the shape and context in mind, while The original owner Thao Sun Moon Lake to "Lalu" name, Lalu was similar to the Thao Language speaks "true and correct" pronunciation, it signify Lalu Island for its high and mighty honor position in Thao history. 

Lalu Island still has its sacred and symbolic significance, such as the Thao people believe that their ancestors lived in the highest Lalu, in accordance with tradition, those who want to learn to do, "Xian Sheng Ma" (Thao people call traditional Priest ) women must be accompanied by senior Xian Sheng Ma, he board a boat to Lalu Island, to feel the highest revelation of ancestral spirits, after obtaining promised blessing then it is completed of the formal ritual of entry.
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